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    Roof- and Wallterminals

    Where terminals are concerned, you want the best price-quality ratio. Burgerhout offers you the best solution! You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for in our extensive range of roof and wall terminals. Trust the top quality we offer you!



    Are you looking for the best solution? Burgerhout has the best price/quality ratio for you. For the convenience, choose the same type of material for flue gas exhaust and air supply!

    Flexible flues

    If you need a flexible flue, Burgerhout is the right place for you. As always, we offer you plenty of choice and the best price/quality ratio.

    Flue vent material

    Offering products in all shapes and sizes, Burgerhout is your ideal partner in aluminium and stainless steel flue materials. Whether you are looking for thick-walled aluminium, thin-walled welded aluminium, thin-walled NEN 7203, single-walled stainless steel, concentric or combined thick-walled aluminium GRS: we have plenty of choice.

    FX Easy solin de toit


    Whether it concerns pellet stoves, fireplaces, individual or collective exhaust from central heating boilers or heat plants: STAR stainless steel from Burgerhout is suitable for realising almost any flue.

    Distribution d'air


    Burgerhout’s Delta series chimneys are smart customised solutions that can be used in any situation. The modular Delta chimneys are the perfect solution for both new builds and renovations to allow all ducts to exit in one aesthetically pleasing chimney. Of course you can always count on the optimal price/quality ratio for which Burgerhout is known. Choose speed, durability and safety! 


    Of course you can also contact Burgerhout for the necessary accessories. We offer you top-quality installation materials and construction items, all at a very good price. In this way you always benefit and you offer residents the best possible materials!


    You can do anything with Burgerhout ventilation pipes. We have the right products in our range for all applications and diameters. Including all related items such as brackets, extensions, bulkheads and couplings. Trust in the ideal price/quality ratio, the speed and ease of assembly that we offer you!

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    Device terminals

    Application in consultation with the boiler manufacturer.

    • Parallel
    • Concentric
    • Renovation sets
    • Accessories


    Two-pipe wall terminal (80-80 or 100-100 mm)
    This parallel wall duct has an aluminum flue gas pipe and a steel air supply pipe. The total length is 600 mm. The color on the facade is black.

    Flue gas outlet set (80 mm)
    This wall terminal has an aluminum flue gas pipe with a total length of 500 mm. The color on the facade is black.

    Flue gas supply set (80 mm)
    This wall terminal has a galvanized air supply pipe with a total length of 500 mm. The color on the facade is black.

    Wall duct with spout (80-80 or 100-100 mm)
    These icicle-free wall ducts are intended for connection to closed appliances. The flue gas pipe is made of aluminum. They have a total length of 775 mm (at 80-80) and 840 mm (at 100-100). The plastic manifolds (80/125 or 100/150 mm) are also available separately.

    Wall terminal with adapter (80-80 mm)
    This icicle-free wall terminal has an aluminum flue pipe. It is suitable for connection to a closed appliance. The total length is 675 mm.

    Wall duct (80-80 or 100-100 mm)
    In view of the plastic outlets, these transits can only be used with HR appliances. The flue gas pipe is made of aluminum. The wall ducts have a total length of 745 (at 80-80) and 790 mm (at 100-100).

    Wall terminal (80-80 mm)
    For a closed appliance without flue gas fan. The flue gas pipe is made of aluminum. The total length is 700 mm.

    Balcony or gallery duct (80 mm)
    Single-walled aluminum flue gas outlet for a closed appliance. Available with a total length of 2000 or 3000 mm. Both versions can be shortened.


    Concentric wall terminal (60/100 or 80/125 mm)
    The 60/100 mm wall terminal is available in white with grey. It is available with an aluminum or plastic flue gas pipe. The total length is 745 mm.
    The 80/125 mm wall terminal is available with an aluminum, stainless steel or plastic flue pipe. All these versions are available in white with black. The version with aluminum flue pipe is also available completely white. The total length is 775 mm.

    Concentric wall terminal (80/125 mm)
    For a closed appliance. With aluminum flue pipe. Total length: 805 mm.



    Façade duct renovation set (60/100 to 80-80 mm)
    This renovation set makes it easier to replace a Vaillant VHR-Turbo unit with an HR unit connected in parallel. Total length: 770 mm.

    Façade duct renovation set (80 mm)
    This renovation set uses the existing recess for the wall terminal of the flue gas pipe of the new high-efficiency boiler. Total length 630mm.


    You will also find all the necessary accessories with us, such as wall plates for concentric lead-throughs. The wall plates are available for diameters of 100, 125 and 150 mm, in plastic and aluminum, and in black, white and black and white

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